Major Capital Improvement Reports

Those of you living in apartments in New York are aware that the building owners constantly strive to increase your rent.  Buildings that have had MCI (Major Capital Improvement) projects done by the owners are subject to rent increases requested by the owners.  Once the improvement costs are filed by the owners with the New York City DHCR (Division of Housing and Community Renewal), your rent increase is on its way to your door.

But, not so fast.  Tenant Associations are fighting back by challenging the work purportedly done by owners.  Very often the work was not needed or permissible under the MCI laws established by the DHCR.  Sometimes work is done, but in so unprofessional a manner as to afford tenants no improvement in quality of life.  Hence, the cost of such work is disallowed by the DHCR.

Futura Consulting has worked with Tenants Associations in assisting them with their claim against owners when MCI costs are not justified.  Our expert technical reports have formed the solid background for tenants associations to have MCI costs rejected by the DHCR.

If your building has been served with form RA-79N, a notice to tenants of MCI Rent Increase Application, we can help you.  We will provide a proposal to assist you, whether or not you already have legal counsel.

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