Facade Inspections

In 1980, the Building Department of New York mandated that building facades must be examined to insure the safety of pedestrians and the structure.

It was in 1980 that the law, known as local law 10/80, was brought into existence.  All buildings that were six (6) stories or higher had to have all facades and roof elements examined that could possible affect pedestrians below should building elements fail.

All buildings that required such inspections had to have engineering evaluations done every five (5) years.  This continued until recently when the law became Local Law 11, which was more stringent regarding inspection requirements.

Local Law 11 inspections require scaffold drops on all facades and Futura can also organize that effort for clients.

Futura Consulting can perform these mandated inspections per New York City code.  Our reports will identify any hazardous or maintenance related conditions relative to your building.  We will also schedule your timely re-inspections to keep you in compliance with all current New York City Building Department code requirements.  Our services can also include filing of all necessary reports and forms with the New York City Building Department.

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