Construction Management

Once the construction phase of a project starts it is rare that the planned schedule is met.  There are always unforseen problems that may divert the schedule from the critical path of contractor performance.

Futura has been successful in getting projects, both large and small, commercial or residential, back on track.  Communication among all participating parties is mandatory.  A plan is only as good as the team of players that have to make it successful.

We can monitor projects, expedite schedules and when requested, authorize partial payments as the owner's representative.   We have worked on ground up construction projects as well as complete rehabilitation and modernization projects.  Our expertise includes residential, commercial, laboratory, manufacturing facilities, hospitals and schools.

We have worked on the all important commissioning of equipment for the above projects so that component startup is trouble free.

If we are contracted early in the design phase, we can offer services in value engineering.  This will usually result in a better building, lower risks in construction and a tighter property that is more economical to heat and cool.

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